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여수· 광양항 홍보 영어버젼

여수 · 광양항 홍보 영어버젼


1923 Opening of the Yeosu port, 1986 Opening of the Gwangyang port
Aug 19,2011Establishing YGPA
Unifying the port management
100million square meter hinterland and distripark
A global port leading to the national industrial revival

The New Wave of the Future

New Global Hub
The new hub for world trade of Northeast Asia.
The Yeosu and Gwangyang port sits at the center of Northeast Asia, connecting Asia, North America and Europe by direct and indirect seaways.

Calm waters where loading and unloading is possible 360 days of the year, even without an artificial breakwater 23 meters deep, water depth deep enough for enormous ships up to 300,000 tons to enter and leave the port.
A port facility composed of 37 docks, 99 berthing facilities,19 anchorages, and 4 Fairways, automated data processing system to increase the efficiency for 160 ships per a day in average to enter and Depart

The Yeosu and Gwangyang ports are transformation of nature’s gift into a distinguished, marketable place.
The Yeosu port and the Gwangyang port are the new rising star of the future port businesses, with its optimal environment for international logistic business.

"The New" Multi- Port
Now, the Gwangyang port is a hub port for integrated Logistics terminal on the basis of national port development plan and the Yeosu port is creating its status as a foothold of international marine tourism.

An optimal logistic system container terminal, enhanced with IT terminal operation and automatic Recognizing service, The POSCO Terminal handles the 90.00 million tons of freights.
Crude oil Terminal handles 30% of the nation’s oil cargo, Petro-chemical Terminal handles 56% of the national petroleum chemical products.
The venue for the 2012 Yeosu International Exposition, the Yeosu New port.

On the one hundred million square meter distripark, large industrial complex and Leading companies in Korea are here to make a business and other high value-added industries are waiting for opportunities.

At the Free Economic Zone in port hinterland complex, which allows manufacturing, processing, distributing and trading activities freely, Expanding its power for national development through the attraction of local leading businesses for investment.
Yeosu and Gwangyang ports, trying to bring the development of container, steel, petro-chemistry, marine tourism and port-related business together.
We take one more step to the dream of a global port, for leading international logistics.

"The New" SOC
The true leader of maritime transportation arises from the various land transportation networks.

The worlds 4th largest Yi-sunsin bridge, measuring 2,260 meters total length, connects the transportation of goods from Yeosu and Gwangyang. The Yeosu, Gwang-ju and Mu-an airports located within 1 hour from the port opens up the airways for the transportation of goods.

In addition, the Jeolla line of the KTX that runs vertically, the Kyeong-jeon line running, horiziontally, and Yeo-cheon line for industrial use, serves to shorten the distance between Seoul from Yeosu within 3 hours.
The Gwangyang to Jeonju highway that reduce the accessiblity to the capital area in 3 hours and the Gwangyang to Mokpo highway that connects the western part of Jeon-nam area to Gwangyang port region in the shortest distance, will make Yeosu and Gwangyang ports to become a leading Logistics hub.

Through the establishment of future trans-korea railways, and the Siberia railways, the Gwangyang port region will become the starting point of an intercontinental transportation network, tying the Korean peninsula with China, Russia and Europe. The Yeosu and Gwangyang ports with such an impeccable transportation infrastructure takes a step forward into a new future.

"The New" Service
The Unified the Yeosu and Gwangyang port’s management and establishment of YGPA in 2011 was a good start for customer satisfaction.

Extraordinary customer incentive systems including the port mileage system, Goods-volume incentive, and port facility fee waivers.
World Marine Centers, Gold Logistics Centers, and International Logistic Centers set up for customer convenience. port supporting infrastructure including Freeze/Refer cargo storage and service areas for truck.
A customer oriented port, the Yeosu-Gwangyang Port Authority continues to grow with exceptional service with its our customers.

"The New" Vision
A powerful leap for a paradigm shift in the history of ports!

A wide port basin for ships over 300,000 tons to enter and leave the port without any restrictions. A total of 108 newly acquired equipments are available at the Gwangyang port.
Managing 350 million tons of total cargo traffic and reaching 4.00 million TEU of container handling by 2025, We will become the top 10 pioneer of the international logistics port in Northeast Asia

As a small seed will bloom a beautiful flower, we Gwangyang port will become the developmental power for the Gwangyang bay areas including Sacheon, Namhae, Suncheon, and Hadong. and it will be a center for local and national economic growth.
We prepare for a bright new future with our customers.

A new wave of the port industry, the Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority.
To the high-value creation of a global hub port,
a growth pole of the green-ocean economic development,
and ubiquitously earth-friendly port!

The Yeosu and Gwangyang ports will become the new global hub in opening the gateways for the northeast Asia to the rest of the world.

The New Wave of the Future
Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority

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