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General Status


  • 1923.06.01 : Opening of Yeosu Port
  • 1967.03.30 : Designated as a Class 1 Port
  • 1991.10.14 : Designated as a Trade Port

Facilities and Capacity

  • Quay wall : 692m (Cruise terminal 400m, international passenger terminal 292m)
  • Lighter's wharf & other wharfs : 2,511m
  • Pier : 16
  • Breakwater : 2,573m
  • Berthing capacity : 2 (including passenger vessel)


  • Port area : 4.99 million ㎡ (water area 4.706million ㎡, land area 0.284million ㎡)
  • Tidal range : 3.616m
  • Designed wave height : east breakwater (5.67m), west breakwater (5.29m), north breakwater (2.2m)

Port Status

  • Berthing capacity : Cruise terminal (GT150,000), international passenger terminal (GT15,000)
  • To be developed as an eco-friendly port with balanced port and urban functions

General direction of the port development

  • To develop a maritime tourism hub port on south coast by expanding and improving waterfront area and cruise facilities.
  • To provide stable port services by securing exclusive port facilities for port service vessels and public vessels.
  • To develop a maritime tourism hub port connecting Dadohae(archipelago), Hallyeosudo(national park) and Jeju island.

Port management and operation plan

Reestablishment of port functions
  • After the completion of cargo handling functions transfer to Gwangyang port, Yeosu port and Yeosu EXPO site will be redeveloped and utilized as waterfront and maritime tourism attractions.
  • After expansion of Yeosu New North Port, dispersed public vessels and service vessels will be consolidated to the port to provide efficient port services.
  • Current functions of Yeosu Old Port and Passenger Terminal will be maintained and a waterfront connected to Yeosu New Port will be developed to create a waterfront belt.
  • International Cruise Terminal and Passenger Terminal inside North Breakwater will be expanded and a floating platform will be installed to improve the utilizations of the terminals.
Port operation and management
  • Attracting domestic and international tourists through the operation of Passenger Terminal and exclusive International Cruise Terminal. Fostering Yeosu EXPO site as a hub of maritime tourism.
  • New North Port will be operated only for public vessels and port service vessels. Small lighters wharf inside the area will be operated to handle cargo from nearby.
  • Operation of Coastal Passenger Terminal in Yoesu Old Port to support coastal passengers ships service and local fisheries.
RImprovement of port environment
  • Terminal environment beautification for the convenience of maritime passengers.
  • Developing waterfront area and enhancing utilization of small vessels by improving waterside in Yeosu Old Port.