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Protecting copyright of homepage

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  • All the data provided by YGPA homepage are protected by copyright law. YGPA is entitled to the copyright in principle except for the cases that data are represented with additional copyright or indicated with source. Please be aware that illegal copying or distribution of material involves an infringement of copyright according to item 5 of Article 97.
  • In the case of seeking to gain financial benefits from the data provided by YGPA or enjoying equivalent benefits, it is necessary to negotiate with or obtain approval from YGPA. If YGPA approves any such the case, it is necessary to indicate that source is from YGPA.
  • In the case where contents provided by YGPA are posted on other Internet websites after attaining approval, it is prohibited to randomly modify items other than making simple error corrections. Violating this stipulation is subject to criminal punishment. In addition, if linking the official website of YGPA with other Internet sites, it is required to notify YGPA about the linkage.