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Development Status

Goal of development

  • The port has been redeveloped for the success of Yeosu EXPO 2012 by expanding waterfront area and passenger transport facilities and has been redeveloped into a base of international maritime tourism in connection with the usage of the EXPO facilities after the event.
  • Being located in a strategic point in terms of maritime transportation, the port will provide safe and reliable services by securing a dock exclusive for public vessels exclusively.

Construction plan (The 3rd master plan for the nationwide trade port development)

  • Period : 2011 ~ 2020
  • Project cost : KRW 422.9 billion
Prospect of facility supply

(Unit : 1,000RT/year)

Prospect of facility supply
Classification 2015(performance) 2020 Remarks
Throughput - total 1,353 - -
Capacity required 56 - Excluding oil
Current capacity - - -
Capacity surplus / shortage -56 - -

numbers in brackets are for containers

Estimated cargo throughput (classification : cargo types)

(Unit : 1,000RT/year)

Estimated cargo throughput (classification : cargo types)
Classification 2015 2020 2030 Remarks
Throughput - total 1,353 - - -
Sand 48 - - -
Chemical Products 1 - - -
other ore 6 - - -
Oil 1,297 - - -
Capacity required 56 - - -

Source : 2015 cargo throughput forecasts classified by items and ports, Korea Maritime Institute, 2016

Scale of development
Scale of development
Classification 2016 ~ 2020 Remarks
Yeosu New Port
New North Port
New north breakwater 660m Under construction
New north breakwater shorebank 700m Under construction
Berthing facilities Berth expansion of Cruise Terminal 100m
(dike 118m)
Port facility land Port facility land 65,700㎡ Under construction
Waterfront area Waterfront area 10,000㎡ Under construction
Port traffic facility Port entry road 1.14㎞ Under construction
Other facilities Yeosu Old Port Jonghwa-dong
waterside improvement
Improvement of dike and disaster prevention facilities in Namsan-dong Dike maintenance 645m
Protective barrier 1,143m
Lock 1 case
Yeosu New Port
New North Port
Adminstration port 622m Under construction
Lighters wharf 150m Under construction
Coast guard port 430m Under construction
Reinforcement of West Breakwater 1 case Under construction
Passenger terminal floating platform installment 1 case  

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