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Tenants evaluation and selection criteria

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation will be executed base on the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Notification 2015-201 (Dec. 24, 2015) 'Guidance on Class 1 Hinterland Management'. The full mark of the evaluation is 100 and the mark and the additional points of a applicant will be added up. The preferred bidders will be selected in the order of the total marks.

Evaluation item and score
Evaluation item and score
Evaluation Items Evaluation Standards Points
Total   100
Additional points
(Additional points can be applied repeatedly up to 5 points at max)
○ For foreign investment company (including a foreign investment company to be established)
* Foreign company shares : 50% or more(+1)
65% or more(+2)
80% or more(+3)
○ For domestic manufacturing company
  (Percentage of export turnover for 365 continuous days within 3 years from the selection notice)
* Additional points for percentage of export turnover share
50% or more(+1)
65% or more(+2)
80% or more(+3)
○ Integrated logistics companies certified by Article 38 of 'Framework act on logistics policies' (+1)
○ Logistics and warehousing companies certified as 'Exemplary Business Entities' by Article 21(3) of 'Act on the development and management of logistics facilities' (+1)
○ Korean off-shore enterprises in repatriation (+2)
* Limited to the enterprises corresponding to Article 2(4) Na of 'Act on Assistance to Korean off-shore enterprises in repatriation'
○ Companies holding on a MOU with Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea, port authorities of Korea or central or local government bodies of Korea before the selection notice. (+3)
* Only the MOU which has been pre-discussed with Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea is eligible for the additional points
○ For consortiums
  Below additional points will be applied according to the proportion of participating companies
- Additional points for export manufacturing companies
- Additional points for certified integrated logistics companies and logistics and warehousing companies certified as Exemplary Business Entities
Business Capability(10) ○ Adequacy of composition of a applicant 5
○ Financial status of applicant
  (Full marks for the above the average ration of the same category of industry)
- Ordinary income to total asset, debt ratio, current ratio, interest coverage ratio 
- For foreign firms, domestic industrial average ratios will be applied
Subtotal 10
Business and operation plan(60) ○ Business plan(25) ○ Business vision and objectives
- Clarity & feasibility of vision and objectives
○ Expertise on the business
- Assessment on the certificates and possession of advanced logistics business
○ Organization and management/operation plan 2
○ Employment and employment creation plan
- Employment plan (qualitative assessment on the concreteness and feasibility of employment plan in comparison with similar industrial sector)(5)
- Employment creation effect (5)
○ Added value generation plan
A mark [(1(D), 2(C), 3(B), 4(A) or 5(S)] will be granted base on added value generation level of Appendix 2
○ Estimated financial statement 2
Subtotal 25
Cargo attraction(generation)
○ Volume of cargo (feasibility of cargo attraction plan)
  Only cargo with evidence would be counted to assess
  (The volume of the cargo should be clearly stated on the evidence)
* For manufacturers, cargo attraction plan means contain the import plan for raw materials and the export plan for finished/semi-finished goods.
○ Cargo generation business model and its validity
  (To assess feasibility and etc.)
* For manufacturers, the appropriateness and feasibility of maritime transportation plan for raw materials import and export of the goods through the port.
○ The portion of foreign cargo
* 1 point for 20% or more, 2 points for 40% or more, 3 points for 60% or more, 4 points for 80% or more, 5 points for 100%
Subtotal 35
Investment and investment capital financing plan ○ Adequacy of the facility size and the amount of investment
- Adequacy of the bottom area and floor area of facility taking into account the leased land area
- Adequacy of the investment amount taking into account the size of facility to be constructed (logistics facilities, investment on equipment, etc.)
○ Capital financing plan (size and trustworthiness)
- Adequacy of equity investment (8) 
  (5 points for 25% or more, 7 points for 30% or more, 8 points for 35% or more)
- The amount of foreign investment and its share ratio (6)
- The credibility of debt delivery plan (evidence required) (6)
Subtotal 25
Construction plan(5) ○ Adequacy of the land utilization and facility construction plan 3
○ Adequacy of construction schedule (date of construction commencement) and facility maintenance plan 2
Subtotal 5