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The Most Reliable Port Logistics Partner

We extend a cordial welcome to all those visiting YGPA.
YGPA is a public institution of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea, which was established on August 19th, 2011 to contribute to national economic growth by developing Yeosu Gwangyang port into a competitive maritime logistics hub through improvements to the efficiency and expertise of operations, management and the development of the port.

YGPA pursues 3 major strategic objectives ▲Increasing cargo volumes
▲Establishing innovation basis
▲Taking the lead in social values
to fulfill the vision of 'A global integrated port leading the industrial development of Korea'.
In 2018, Yeosu Gwangyang port handled 2.41 million TEUs of containers and 333 million tons of cargo placing it second behind Busan port domestically and 11th globally by cargo volume.

All the directors and employees of YGPA are ready to employ all their energy to allow Yeosu Gwangyang port to make a new leap forward as a globally renowned integrated port through more advanced and efficient management based on extensive experience we have accumulated in the port industry and related areas to date.

In addition, we will contribute to national economic development by marking the port more reliable and customer friendly and revitalize the port by attracting new cargos and investors for co-prosperity of the port authority and local economy.

Beyond Northeast Asia, Yeosu Gwangyang port will become a global maritime logistics hub and YGPA will take the lead.

Thank you for your kind attention and support.

Min-Sik Cha, CEO of Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority